Tae Kwon Do Forms


Chang Hon Forms:

One of the staples of Tae Kwon Do is Forms practice. Forms are basically prearranged sequences of techniques. You might think of them as choreographed fight sequences with multiple imaginary opponents. At each rank level, a student learns a new form that teaches techniques that are new to that level, as well as reinforces more basic techniques already learned. Many martial arts systems use this training method - Karate (KATA in Japanese & Okinawa-ben), Kung Fu / Wu Shu (KUEN in Cantonese), as well as Tae Kwon Do (HYUNG in Korean).

Forms are great for solo practice, and can also be a "catalog" of all the techniques in a martial art style. With deep stances, they can be strength training for the lower body. When done well, they can be moving art, like a martial art dance. They are a popular event at tournaments, where they are graded in performance by judges, like figure skating or diving.

The specific set of forms we use are called "Chang Hon" (Blue Cottage), and were created by General Choi Hong Hi, known as "the father of Tae Kwon Do". There are 24 in all.

Here are links to diagrams of the first 9. Do not try to LEARN the forms from these diagrams; you will miss a LOT, and only get the basic movements. But they are an excellent tool to use in "brushing up" or checking when you're working out at home and have a temporary "brain freeze".


1. Chon-Ji
2. Dan-Gun
3. Do-San
4. Won-Hyo
5. Yul-Guk
6. Choong-Gun
7. Toi-Gye
8. Hwa-Rang
9. Choong-Moo

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