Tae Kwon Do Competition Team: (click here for Team Rules)

In 2007 we created an official “A.A.M.A Competition Team”.

Our team members are held to a higher standard, and have specific criteria they must meet, to enter and maintain membership on the team.

The idea of creating a team has been Mr. Gemberling’s dream, from the day he began teaching his first classes. Being an avid competitor since day one, Mr. Gemberling has always dedicated his time to the art of competition. By taking his training ideologies, and some of his own “hard lessons learned”, he has created a way to teach his students how to become good competitors.

To see these team members in action, stop and visit our school, or just show up to one of the local Karate Tournaments, and you will see them there.


Mr. G (Team Leader), Mr. Dawson, (Assistant Team Leader),

Mr. Conor (Team Captain)




PHONE: (570)939-1853                    EMAIL: teamaama@gmail.com